Restaurant Website Design Tips

Restaurant Website Design Tips

While building a new website for a restaurant business, the owner has to consider some important points and add  all of the essential information for customers.

Contact Details and Location

A restaurant must provide phone numbers, email address and clear information about opening and closing hours in its website. All these should be placed in plain sight in top corners or bottom page. The website must provide a picture of a map with the location of the restaurant and a dynamic map snippet can help customers to pinpoint the location easily and faster.

Photo Gallery

A restaurant website should have a photo gallery that may have photos of the restaurant team or customers dining-in. Any special facilities should be captured and mentioned in the gallery. All photos should show the lively environment and cleanliness. All these help to attract customers and create trust in them to visit the restaurant and buy foods.

Social Media Links Buttons

The website must include social media buttons so customers can know the online presence on various sites. This helps customers to visit the social sites, leave reviews and get updates by following the pages. Social media buttons are a great way for marketing and it is an SEO-friendly initiative.

Restaurant Menu

A restaurant must ensure that the best dishes are highlighted and placed in an attractive way since food menu is the major attraction for customers. High quality photo slides of the dishes can be highlighted to create the first impression among customers. The best way to tease visitors is to offer discounts with attractive photos of dishes and let them visit the online ordering food menu.

Online Ordering

Restaurants should also include information in their website whether they have online ordering including pickup, delivery and simple ordering services. This information helps to promote the restaurant businesses remarkably. In fact, restaurants offering online ordering are more favourited by the young customers who love to spend time on other jobs and get their foods delivered according to their comfort and choice.


Online Table Reservation Services

A restaurant website must include information about online table reservation services. It should specify the number of chairs or sitting facilities per table so that customers get a clear idea before booking tables online. This information will help both customers and the restaurant to get handy information and to increase sales respectively.

Delivery Information

A restaurant website should clarify if it has delivery services and if it delivers to certain areas. It should also mention the delivery fees and time so that customers get more trust and feel secured. A quick delivery service attracts customers more. So, the website should also mention time or promptness of its delivery services.